DekorCAST © technology for composite factories

The best technology for making composites: cultured marble, artificial onyx, granite cast stone, polymer concrete, kremnelit, fiber glass reinforced plastics (FRP) and other types of composites. If you are inetersted in DekorCAST technology, please call 7 (963) 305-50-57 or e-mail: plural8@gmail.com

We provide you with complete technology and training. You will study how to make molds for production and casting, how to make products of different types of composite materials (artificial cast stone and FRP), how to make recipes for different products, how to make top quality goods, solve problems and many more.

The examples of products, that can be made by DekorCAST ©: table desks and kitchen tops, window-sills, bowls, bath-tubs, sculpture and architectural forms, automobile and moto parts and elements, boats, reservoirs, pools, housing of equipment, and a lot of other products made of composites - cultured marble, glass reinforced plastics and casting stones. See products of artificial stone and FRP...

DekorCAST © - facility with low investment

Technology DekorCAST © is knowledge and experience, that allows to make composite products and parts of any shape, size and complexity, only with hand labour, hand instruments and hand equimpent, without using of any special equipment or machines.

In the same time it will be the autonomic, technological, flexible, universal and highly remunerative facility and based on it business. It allows to produce almost any product with quantity of small to middle series, or complex products, that are not gain to produce of common materials with common treating technologies. You will be able to produce unique single products for customers in accordance to their photos or ideas.

After study of DekorCAST, if needed, you will be able to make production line for cast stone products.