DekorCAST contents


DekorCAST © technology is:

  1. practice study and training of 2 persons for 10 days (5/2/5) in our factory, may be trained up to 4 persons for extra fee,
  2. technological documentation with needed information,
  3. technological support.

You will study and train for 10 days on our base "all-in-price" method.

Practice study:

  • making of product model
  • replication of original sample
  • making of FRP mold for serial production
  • making of one-time mold for non-standart products
  • making of elastic mold for relief surface products
  • refurbishment of FRP mold
  • making of non standart artificial stone/FRP composite product
  • making of serial cultured marble product with different techniques (table top)
  • making of serial reinforced plastic product
  • making of non standart artifical onyx product (sink)
  • making of serial granite-type product with non composite filling
  • making of native stone style product with polymer concrete
  • making of kremnelit sample
  • making of texturized surface sample
  • real-time deformation of cultured marble
  • refurbishment of cultured marble casting stone, reinforced plastics
  • selection and testing of recipes
  • making of product with natural fillers (sea stones, starfishes, see shels, other)

We meet you in airport or railway station. During of practice we provide free habitation, dinners and suppers, transfer to place of study and back. We provide with raw materials, molds, models, instruments, safety clothes and other needs for training for free, so you have no extra charges.

During 2 rest days we arrange the tour of the Saint-Petersburg city.